Tuesday, August 05, 2008

After these messages…

One more quicky before we get back to the meat:

A shot from the wedding, easily my second favorite shot, featuring part-time preacher, part-time Sooper Delishus writer, full-time awesome - Christopher M. Keating:


My Beautiful Bride:


Something for Malachy and the other Yankees fans
(MAN it’s going to be a fun end of the year!):


And my favorite shot:


The tattoo says, “We are strong, We are the good ones.” from the Anne Sexton poem Rapunzel, which Megan turned into a performance piece, which launched the eventual creation of Transformations last spring.  As read by Kacey Samiee it was quite a favorite of the entire cast.


Back to our regular programming in juuust a moment.

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