Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This week the watchword on the wire is process, how do you blog it, should you blog it, and can there be pictures of it when you blog it.

First, the idea that this is a discussion is a little baffling. Perhaps because I don't buy into the rehearsal as sacred space argument.

SAFE sure, but not sacred.

I also fail to understand why commonsense is immediately discounted in the discussion.


Of course there are intense rehearsals or moments in rehearsals that you don't want to be adding anything to the actors' plate during. If you're not smart enough to know when those things are happening you're not mature enough to be having this discussion.

Of course you need to be up front with your cast that you're going to be shooting rehearsals and posting them.

Of course you're going to be sensitive to days when they don't feel together enough for it.

The person shooting should be native to the rehearsal process.

But the one key to the whole thing for me is show them what's in it for them.

  1. Show them what you've posted in the past.
  2. Prove that you have no interest in embarrassing them.
    (see #1)
  3. Show them that you've tagged the photos with their name and it helps searches return high quality images of them working when a future employer googles them after auditions.
  4. Make the photos available to them afterwards for their own sites. (This is also true of your more standard press photos)

We live in a visual society. In this medium words without pictures are ignored.


Of course having pointed all of this out to them you need to follow through. My pictures aren't all tagged and SEO'd. In my defense I didn't promise THEM that (yet) I only promised me. And I assume that I'll get to it right after the wedding in the pending dry spell.

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