Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alone in my Room

For a collaborative art, with so much of the creative process taking place by committee, it never fails to amaze me how much of a show ends up created in the still of the night by yourself.

Opening on May 18th in the Rollins Theater at the Long Center for the Performing Arts will be FourSquare, by Manuel Zarate.

I will be you loser, Bill.

It's part of a FIVE. PLAY. CYCLE. Called the Love Sonatas. Which is really its own headache.

FourSquare is a challenging piece.
Bill is a challenging role.
Manuel's dialog is difficult to get a definitive hold on...


All of which means that I'm pacing the apartment at 2AM quietly yelling to the door and the collage picture frame:

"You want a divorce
Is that what
do you
divorce no no
what are you talking about divorce
you want a divorce
I don't"

New line reading after new line reading.... Drilling to memorize... Which I'm sure is a healthy thing to be chanting near my poor sleeping fiancee.

Unfortunately I'm also sure that that's not the exact line.

Oh it's close. It's VERY close. But it's not right and it's driving me mad. Which is karmic retribution.

When I first saw Jonathan West giving status updates on his line learning I thought it was odd. I may have even mentally uttered the word "quaint". And now I pay for my hubris with a brain that is older than any I have attempted to do a show with in the past, and an opening that refuses to move from it's moorings.

Awesome. And not panic inducing at all.

Smarter things when I get my brain back.

FourSquare-Postcard-Draft-2 Resize

Are any of you besides Mac Rogers involved in the Blueprint Project?
The Blueprint Project seems like exactly the perfect platform for the National Night of Theatre that we all really loved for those three weeks a year ago....

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