Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Once More With Clarity

I have written three different posts responding to a comment about this post, all three stunningly muddled. Which is why you're not reading those. I was trying to clarify the need I see for an ongoing discussion between theatre tribes on a local level to help eliminate the wheel recreation cycle that RLewis brings up in his comment. Clarity eluding me, I retreat into the actor's role and use someone else's words 

This is something that Chloe Veltman nails in her discussion of space creation (name checking the Exit Theatreplex, one of my very favorite places in the universe), and something we here in Austin discussed with the staff of the still incubating Long Center recently.

Venues for artists to talk to one another. To create relationship. To pass on information between tribes. To facilitate a wider information dispersal so more groups can get over the nuts and bolts production problems inherent in any start-up and move on to actually presenting their art. 

How about you? How have you created relationship with other groups?

Is there a way for you to leave a breadcrumb trail for others without losing your momentum?

Is there an easy way to leave a manual for your community to ensure that there is some sort of institutional memory?

Why is it SO hard to blog process in production?
(I've meant to in three of my last four shows, and only sort of vaguely managed it once)

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