Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And then?

As most of you have no idea, I am an assistant to engineers to pay the rent. Prior to that I was a docketing clerk and baby paralegal for some lawyers.

I’ve spent the majority of my last 8 years surrounded by branded professionals. Their certifying bodies all require that they perform some sort of professional development each year to maintain fluency in modern techniques, methodologies, and developments.

So how about us?

What passes for professional development in the theatre world?

Finally reading Mamet’s True and False after a decade and slapping together a snarky blog post?

Viewing productions?

Reading George Hunka?

Do you try to maintain any sort of ongoing development process? Or set play reading goals goals for yourself annually? Do I get an hour of Modern Play Reading credit for reading Adam Szymkowicz's(excellent) Food for Fish? Classics credit for tearing apart Euripides for my upcoming Orestes project?

I honestly don’t know.
I know many actor continue to take classes and workshops yearly. Do directors? Playwrights? Do you go grab Tisch’s curriculum and grab a few ideas to plaster over holes in you own book larnin’? 


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