Friday, January 09, 2009


The theatrical tribal area of blog-o-stan is populated by pretty fiercely liberal progressives (socially at least, there is some variance economically). The cheering and weeping and hootin’ and hollerin’ over the electoral win of Barack Obama barely even hit a lull in between the win and Inauguration next week.

Now what?

He keeps rolling out what he’s going to do ($1T stimulus and waffle on Israel) but the slogan is Yes WE Can.

Ask not what 44 can do for you, your art, and your community – what the hell are YOU going to do?

For my part, this is the year I take my community building philosophies and see if they have legs. We’ll be meeting in the next couple of weeks to see what an Austin Indie Theatre Alliance wants to be, and we’re going to raise the profile of the Austin Garagetroupe Theatres.

What about you? How are you going to be the change you voted for?

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