Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blessed are the feet of him…

Waiting to see The Nina Variations until you get some positive feedback?

AustinLiveTheatre would like you to look here:

"...this was the most deeply satisfying theatrical experience I’ve had since beginning my exploration of Austin theatre last year."

"...Add to that intellectual stimulation the fact that the acting is of the very highest quality. It had to be – with two characters working one another and working the text, any false note would have thrown the whole exercise into the “interesting but so what?” category. Their pacing, silences, concentration, gestures, congruence of character to the originals in The Seagull – nothing was lacking."

"Gobotrick’s Nina Variations is a brilliant, consistent, heart-rending series of riffs on Chekhov’s characters, one which preserves Chekhov’s sensibilities and reminds us gently and insistently that life is here, life is now, life is immediate, and all our choices are full of meaning."

Full Review

Now will you come and see it?


If you’re in Austin or it’s environs I highly recommend that you hi yerself to Tutto Theatre’s Ophelia over at the Blue Theatre. I caught the Sunday show and it’s worth every penny. If you’re a Shakespeare nerd you should have to pay double. It’s a retelling of Ophelia’s story between the pages… effectively the offstage  life we are normally  deprived unfolds as we watch five Ophelia’s erode into singular madness.

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