Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I’m in here Somewhere

I’ve been a little lost in the haze of production.

We are in Week Three of rehearsals for The Nina Variations, which I am more in love with every time I hear it. Steven Dietz never lets his cleverness take center stage. Rarely have I read a meta-play that was less obnoxiously self-aware.

It is a blessing to have fewer roles on this production. I feel like we’re actually getting stuff done.

Given a three week run and (knock on wood) some press we might not have to cancel Christmas.

But the cast is the story right now.


A = Talent. God Given Raw Ability

B = Skill. The Ability to USE Talent

C = Hard Work

D = Material. The Play.

You get to make the choice between A and B at auditions. Generally on this level you don’t get both in large quantities.

C comes with professionalism and personal drive, which generally means they’ve moved away.

D is usually the only thing you can control about the situation.


We have hit the jackpot.

If they can keep this pace up the show is really going to be something special.

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