Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Your Wednesday Potpourri

  • Friends in Houston, the Nova Arts Project,  are doing a thing: A blending of storytelling techniques applied to adaptations of Shakespeare’s history plays. In an odd review the author recommend you go see it despite largely negative coverage.
    (H/T American Theatre Web)
  • Are you a baseball fan?
    Do you read?
    Have you read Joe Posnanski’s ‘Soul of Baseball’ yet?
    Do it. It’s on sale and it’s as enjoyable a character study as you’re going to read. Detailing life on the road with legend Buck O’Neil in his last days.
  • Isaac says:
    ”Let’s say you really love a play and you’re talking to a friend about it. How do you communicate that experience, that love of that play in such a way to get them into it?
  • To which I responded You buy them a ticket and take them to see the show.”

    I ask: How many companies out there have a “Buy one get in free with a friend next time” coupon? I know some folks have a but one get in for the run for free policy… but how do you bring Mohammed to the Mountain?

  • I know most of you that do read read from a feed aggregator of some kind. But if you’re killing time at work and want to read more theatre blogs I have most of the regularly updated theater blogs most recent posts scrolling in my sidebar. You could waste HOURS there.
  • Thanks to George Hunka for pointing out American Theatre Web. It’s exactly the kind of thing we need to shed light on what’s going on where we ain’t.
  • I read a lot of tech blogs. Mostly consumer level  and social networking types. But I tell you whut, tech bloggers are the most myopic non-objective bunch of writers this side of the Free Republic. They only move at the speed of web, and they have no idea what’s going on with mainstream internet users.

    They move from service to service making incremental upgrades (or even theoretical incremental upgrades) and proclaim last weeks love dead. They assume that everyone is behind them in web knowledge, but only slightly, except for the troglodytes who X, with no concept that the troglodytes who X ARE the mainstream users. Scoble has already tried to declare blogging dead before we even hit saturation point on what a blog IS for the mainstream. Twitter is dead because it had scalability issues for a few months (despite the lack of a true 1:1 replacement for the community it has in place).

    Hey. Write for your audience, and write what you enjoy writing about, and go ahead BE an alpha early adopter, but understand that “mainstream” users are 2 years behind you, not two weeks.
  • Fun multi-desktop toy: 360Desktop
    You’ll get about 4 desktops out of it, with a nice panoramic spin effect to make your officemates motion sick.

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