Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wherein I stump for a friend

I am always on the hunt for more reading material to keep me from accidentally reading (and subsequently producing) the Next Great Play. So I have more feeds than God has overzealous adherents.

Alright, not that many, but I have more feeds than there are Spartan soldiers, and that’s plenty.

To make YOUR search for reading material easier I will hereby recommend that you commence reading Sooper Delishus.

Sooper Delishus is the brain child of the egregiously overtalented Chris Keating, and is more than worth your time.

From the most recent entry “Rise of the Monkeybots”:

“Because let us be frank, the road to simian hell is paved with good intentions. A pleasant scientist in a white lab coat runs tests in a lab with a monkey at his side, endeavoring to build a better tomorrow for people everywhere. I guess I’d feel better about things if that weren’t Mojo Jojo’s back-story in precise detail.

The article itself does little to allay my fears. “The animals were apparently freelancing, discovering new uses for the arm,” the author cheerfully reports. Such as … ? Breaking free from from their cages? Hacking into the lab’s security system? Venting tanks of poisonous gas onto unsuspecting guards? You know what, we should make sure the robot arms have thumbs, so that they’ll have an easier time building their island fortress.”

So to keep the dry wit tank topped up: read Sooper Delishus today!

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