Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3 the Hard Way

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Three Things I've Learned the Hard Way:

  1. There is no one else.
    If you want a thing done you're going to have to do it. That's true both in the macro and micro scale in this little niche-verse. There is no one else to do the postering, there is no one else to paint the floor, there is no one else to create the performance piece.

    And that is the first sorting arm of theatre isn't it? If you have the gumption to get off your ass and do it? You meet the first criteria for Making It.
  2. Never stop learning
    It not only keeps your brain from calcifying, it keeps you from ever being too terribly sure that the person across the table isn't righter than you. 
  3. The theatre universe is small. No. Smaller than that.
    I don't know any of you.
    I am one step removed from lots of you.
    No more than two or three from almost all of you.

    Don't piss on anyone.
    Talent will win out, but if it's close? The person who's good in the room will win out every time. And your reputation is part of that.
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