Sunday, January 20, 2008

So... long time no... anything.

So I stopped to take a big ol' breath and deliver a really nice End of the Year wrap up and didn't post for a month.

ALWAYS good for audience building.

I have been hip deep in preparations for Cambiare Productions entrance onto the Austin theatre scene: Transformations.


I have been blogging that whole deal over at the company blog over at

The process has been interesting. It's amazing to me how much extraneous bullshit has built up in the streams and creeks that make up the intricate deltas of the rehearsal process. We have created so many rules for ourselves in our training and in our execution as we strive to make the Rehearsal Room an alternate Corporate Workplace rather than a place that we make theatre (whether or not it IS your work) we choose to make that space ape corporate america as much as possible.

Transformations is Design Driven Performance, and the two primary creators are both designers. Watching them work with actors (and dancers) is fascinating. They don't have a vocabulary drilled into them. They'll give line readings. But they also don't take a half hour to explain to a performer that they mean "stop doing that fucking thing with your arm". Which is awesome. The show is going to be very very good, and if you are going to be in Austin the first two weekends of February I recommend you see it and then we find a place to have an adult beverage.  

And apparently Jason Grote is taking over Austin. He has a Frontera piece going up, he has a premiere at Salvage Vanguard (home of Transformations) and there was totally one more thing. So Mr. Grote, when you are theatre King of Austin? Can I have a cabinet position? Sideboard? Buffet?

Shut up. I'm totally funny.

Scott Walters is on fire.

I mean he's making posts about neuroscience interesting.

He's fast, thorough, and sharp as a tack
He's touring the facility and picking up slack...

But I digress... read him. Challenge him and then in the synthesis of the two make positive changes in your local theatre scene.

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