Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm so vain, I know this post is about me (Sort of)

Yesterday the Austin Circle of Theatres announced their nominations for the 2006-7 B. Iden Payne Awards.

Intermission, my show from August was nominated for two awards.
In the  Music Theatre category.


April Perez was nominated as Outstanding Lead Actress in Music Theatre for her portrayal of Miranda Swain. I've included a song from the show.

(Note to New Yorkers: April is in the City. Cast her. True triple threat.)


Hang on Tight (Right Click Save As)


And Adam Hilton and Boone Graham are nominated for Outstanding Original Score. A demo version of 'Make it Ours' with Adam on vocals rather than April follows the picture (I have NO pictures of the reclusive Boone).


Make it Ours (Right Click Save As)

 [Buy The Album!]

I am well pleased. The nominators assiduously avoided the portions of the show that I was most involved with, but as previously discussed I know where the trainwreckiness of that lies, and as my partner pointed out, there's no part of this show that I wasn't involved with. And most of the the backstory for Miranda is taken from a show I'd been hoping to do with my partner and Bora Yoon. So despite not being specifically honored, I'm taking it anyway. And I am proud beyond your mortal reckoning of the work April, Adam, and Boone did on this show.

So maybe Will and I will live to fight another day.

 I would also like to congratulate some friends who also got nominated:

illy herrin (ex- Aram Chaos) nominated for as Outstanding Lead Actress for Puck

Roz Mandola (ex-Elektra) as part of the cast of the Best Music Theatre nominated The Assumption

Autumn Casey (UT) for her lighting design for Marat/Sade

Ron Weisberg (ex-Elektra) as part of the Outstanding Ensemble for Wireless-less

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