Wednesday, June 27, 2007


`A short time ago Laura Axelrod asked her readership about their areas of interest, their true passions.


Name your area of expertise/interest:
How did you become interested in it?
Born more curious than a cat.
How did you learn how to do it?
I haven't.
Who has been your biggest influence?
What would you teach people about it?
Don't Do it


Sad isn't it?

I wish these answers were a little less true.
Perhaps in a more perfect world they would be the tongue in cheek segue into how I spent the last ten years studying with XXXX and am now a certified YYYY, setting up shop in ZZZZ.

Unfortunately, the second lesson of my collegiate theatre life (the first lesson being how to mop a stage) was that I needed to stop being a theater generalist and find a Thing. A niche. A specialty.

Thank you Dan Raymond. You were 100% correct.

I didn't listen.

My love is for Theatre.

Not Chekov, or Beckett, or Mamet, or Meisner, or Sondheim.
I just love good stories told well.


My only true passion in the theatre is manipulating the audience.
I hold that Art may be audience-less and still be Art, but theatre isn't theatre without someone on the receiving end.

Creating a specific experience in order to create a specific response in a group of people and succeeding? Feels better than anything I can think of.

Any production I have any sort of control of must remain audience focused.


What is your Prime Directive?
What is your first priority when you set out creating a production?

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